Specialized art and design colleges will invariably require you to submit your cumulative academic record and a portfolio of your art work. Many will also require an essay and your recent SAT/ACT scores. Most will advise a personal interview, if at all possible, and a few will require it for those within a certain distance from campus. In general, the same applies to art and design programs within liberal arts colleges and universities.

Your Task: Create a New Page and Title it “Final Portfolio”

Part 1) The portfolio

Think back to your work this year, you may need to look in your documents or WordPress site.  Which projects fit into each of these categories.  Include Jpeg Images if possible.  You may describe the projects if no images are available.

Pick 4 of 6:

  1. Skills/Talents – What do you believe to be your BEST assignment .
  2. Creativity – Which assignment showcases your most imaginative work
  3. Interests – Which assignment incorporates things that you enjoy?
  4. Ambition – Which assignment was the most challenging?
  5. Commitment – Which assignment took the longest to create?
  6. Preference – What was your favorite assignment of the year?

Include at least one sentence per project to explain why you choose that project to be part of your gallery.  (Example Sentence:  The most challenging assignment was the superlative page because I had to find pictures of all of the students.)

Part 2) The Challenge – Make a Spread

Create a new spread.  One that reflects YOUR year at school.  You may bring in your own photos, or use photos from the drop box account.  You may go on to additional pages if necessary.  Your spread should include some titles, text and information about your year.  It should include the things that you are interested in (favorite hobbies, TV, movies, Music), things that you did (in school and out of school), and what is coming up next (summer plans, college plans, etc)

Output the spread as a JPEG and Post it to WordPress.

Part 3) The Writing Sample/Caption

Create a 4 paragraph reflection about this year.  It should build on the information presented in your spread.

  1.  What did you do this year?
  2. What are you most proud of?  What was most challenging?
  3. What were your favorite things (music, hobbies, friends, sports, etc)

Part 4) Typing Certificate

(We will do this as a class as our final exam) 

Complete the Typing Certificate at http://www.TypingWeb.com.  Save the final image as a JPEG and upload it to WordPress as part of the page.

Remember our Goal is 40 words per minute.

Part 5) Letter To Mr. Levin

Directions Coming Soon!