S3 – New Blog Post

  1. Title:  S3 – Instructions
  2. Body: What are instructions good for?
    What are 5 situations where you need instructions? (Use a numbered list)
  3. If you were absent or did not participate in the activity, you can make up some of the credit by including DETAILED instructions you would give someone to draw the following picture if they cannot see the picture.  (Including color and details!)

S4 – Dance Party

  1. Create a New Blog Post
    1. Title “S4 – What do you do when you get stuck in scratch”
    2. Answer it with at least two different strategies you use to get “unstuck”.
  2. Then create a Scratch Project that incorporates Sounds and show it to Mr. Levin
  3. Optional: Share it to the Scratch Website
    1. Username: locke1art
    2. Password: password
    3. Filename: Dance_YourNAME
    4. Description: Instructions for how to use your project.  Do I press the space bar?  Do I press the flag? Use the mouse? etc.