Part 1 – Intro to Scratch – Make the Cat Dance
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  • You build projects by snapping blocks together, just as you can build things in the physical world by snapping LEGO bricks together.
  • There are more than 100 blocks in 8 different categories.
  • As a small example, let’s make the cat do a dance.
  • The cat is an example of a sprite. Scratch projects are made up of objects called sprites.
  • Start by dragging out the “move 10 steps” block from the “Motion” blocks palette to the scripting area. Every time you click on the block the cat moves a distance of 10. You can change the number to make the cat move a greater or smaller distance.
  • From the “Sound” palette, drag out the “play drum” block. Click on the block to hear its drum sound. Drag and snap the “play drum” block below the “move“ block. When you click on this stack of two blocks, the cat will move and then play the drum sound.
  • Copy this stack of blocks (either using the Duplicate toolbar item or by right-clicking the stack and selecting “duplicate”) and snap the copy to the already-placed blocks. Change the second “move” block to -10 steps, so the cat moves backward. Every time the stack of four blocks is clicked, the cat does a little dance forward and back.
  • Go to the “Control” blocks palette and grab the “repeat” block. Wrap the “repeat” block around the other blocks in the scripting area. Now when you click on the stack, the cat dances forward and back 10 times.
  • Finally, drag the “when Sprite clicked” block and snap it to the top of the stack. Click on the cat (instead of the blocks stack) to make the cat dance.

Part 2 – Explore: Make something surprising happen to a sprite.