1. Project #9 – PIXELATED Project
    1. Intro to Pixels – 9.Pixelated PowerPoint
    2. Directions – #9 – Instructions
      1. Sketch By Hand
      2. Create Using Pencil Tool in Photoshop
        1. Photoshop File 









Pixel:                     Smallest unit of a digital picture.  Usually square.  One pixel = one color.

Resolution:         Measurement of clarity in a digital picture.  Higher resolution has a higher clarity.

DPI:                        Dots per Inch.  An empirical measurement of resolution.  Dots are the same as pixels.

Size:                       Digital images are measured in inches and in pixels.  For printed materials, both measurements are necessary.  For images used solely on a monitor, inches may not be necessary.

Sharp:                   in an image, having clear form and detail; the sharper the image, the clearer the details.  The higher the resolution, the sharper a picture can be.

Blurry:                   in an image, indistinct, hazy outline or appearance.  Not dependent on resolution,.

Pixilated:             in an image, the ability to see individual pixels.  Usually squared, or boxy.


In the above picture, all images are the same size in inches.  If measured using pixels as the unit, each is of a different size.  The images to the left have a much lower DPI than those to the right.  The images to the right are much sharper than the images to the left.  The first 5 images are pixilated.  The image at 50×50 DPI does not appear pixilated.  Its pixels are small enough to not be seen, but it is not high enough of a resolution to avoid looking blurry.