1. Import your customink design into photoshop using PRINT SCREEN and CTRL+V, and the selection (and Select Inverse) tools to create a poster for your shirt/sweater/item.  Make sure to add some text and background colors.
  2. Save your file as a JPEG and Post it to WordPress and answer the following questions using complete sentences. (You do not need to copy the questions)
    1. What is the design of your clothing? Describe the images you selected.
    2. What type of clothing is it meant for? Could it also be used for other styles? (Shirts, sweatshirts, etc)
    3. Who is the target customer for this item? (Seniors, Football Players?)
    4. Why did you make your shirt this way?
    5. How much would you be willing to pay for this item?  How much do you think other people would be willing to pay?
1) The front of my shirt has a mouse who looks scared, and the back has an eagle ready to attack.
2) It was designed for a t-shirt, but the design could also be used with a hoodie or even a tank top.  I think it would be even better as a tank top.
3) The customer for this item is anyone who wants the shirt, this one was not designed for a specific group, club or sports team.
4) I made my shirt this way so that students would have an example to use in making their own designs.  Also, I imagine that the eagle could be attacking the mouse on the front, which creates a short story for people looking at the shirt.
5) I think I would pay $5 for this shirt design, I think other people would pay $2.