Finish Project #37 – Enter the Matrix

  1. You will need this file
  2. Instructions:
    1. Use Ctrl+I to inverse the colors of the background and numbers layer.
    2. Use Ctrl+U to colorize the layer to the color you want.
    3. Show the photo layer.  Notice, the example uses a picture with strong light and shade.  Also, the background is solid black.
    4. Use Filter –> Pixelate –>Mosaic.  A cell size of 12 will make the mosaic pixel squares match perfectly with the number grid provided.
    5. Optional: Image–> Adjustments –> Posterize (4) to reduce the number of grey shades.
    6. To turn on the numbers: change the layer mode from Normal to Multiply.
  3. Task:
    1. In addition to the example we created together, use google images (or your own photos) to alter 3 images.  1 person, 1 object, and 1 place.  (Post the 3 to WordPress as a slideshow)
  4. Caption:
    1. Create a short fictional story that connects your person, object and place to each other.  (2 paragraph minimum, it could be a dialogue, event, or something based on true events.)