Project #35: Melting the Camera – Adapted from


  1. You will need this file (Save and then Open)
  2. Duplicate the Camera Layer
  3. Transform (CTRL + T) the Duplicate layer as shown in the diagram.
  4. Use the Liquify –  Forward Warp tool (Shift+Ctrl+X) to “melt” the bottom camera.
  5. Click the image for a bigger diagram:
  6. Use the Eraser (Hardness = 0) to clean the edges.
  7. Merge the 2 camera layers into 1 by right clicking on the layers.
  8. Then Re-Liquify to make the two layers appear one.
  9. Duplicate the Merged layers then Flip one Vertically to form the reflection.
  10. Set the Opacity of the flipped camera to 70%
  11. Go to Filters –> Render –> Lens Flare to create a flash in the camera.
  12. Show the Tile Background then set the Opacity to 45%
  13. Feel free to add in your own ideas.

35.B – Finished with everything?  Liquify a picture of your choice, try to use the different liquify styles.