Objective:  Students will apply the Liquify filter in photoshop to melt clocks over 2 objects in the surrealist style of Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory


  1. Review: Surrealism – PPT
    1. Complete this form as we go through the presentation – CLICK HERE FOR FORM
  2. #33 – Salvador Dali’s Clocks
    1. Click for File
    2. Melt the clock over the table.
      1. Select the Clock Layer
      2. Go to Filters: Liquify
      3. Make sure that the table is visible.
      4. Use the default liquify (forward liquify) tool to bend the clock over the table with a large (~300 pixels) brush
      5. Make sure the clock matches the angles of the table.
      6. Apply the filters.
      7. Notice one side of the table is darker than the top.  Make a selection on the dark side of the table then right click and select feather.  Change the value to 8 pixels then click okay.
      8. Now use the Hue/Saturation adjustment (Ctrl+U) to lower the lightness and make the image appear shadowed.
      9. Tip: For extra realistic shadows – create a new layer under the clock (but above the table) and use the brush tool (50 pixels, Hardness 0, Color black) to draw more shadows underneath the clock.
      10. Save your image as a JPEG and post to WordPress.
    3. Reopen the file and replace the table with an image of your choice.  Think of an image that you could put a blanket on.   Repeat the steps above to melt the clock onto your selected image.
    4. Post both to WordPress with your own explanation of surrealism.  Also, identify what is “real” and what is “fantasy” in your photo.