Assignment #20 – Final Project – Portfolio #2

  1. Create a New Page in WordPress
  2. Title it “Portfolio #2”
  3. The Portfolio will have three parts
    1. Collage containing at least 8 of your existing assignments.
      1. You may use parts or sections of your assignments, you do not need to include everything.
    2. Written Reflection of what you learned this year.  Explain what you learned in a paragraph about each of the following topics.
      (At least one paragraph per topic, your writing should assume the reader knows very little about how to use the program, you should explain what you are able to do and how to do it, use your writing to demonstrate how much you have learned and what grade you deserve.  Also include what you still want to learn, what you need to practice, and any questions you still have.)  (Sentence stems below)
      1. Photoshop
      2. WordPress
      3. Miscellaneous/Other – Google Docs, G-mail, Tagxedo, Color Theory, etc.
      4. (Typing will be added finals week, separately)
    3. Challenge Project: Select 1 – Will be introduced on Wednesday
      1. Locke t-shirt design, Maximum 2 colors + background
      2. Community Improvement Art Design – Extra Credit if you enter it in the competition.
      3. Create a header for using photoshop
        1.  980 × 285 pixels (72 pixels per inch)
        2. Quezada and Valadez will make the final decision as this is what colleges and parents will be seeing on our school website.
    4. Typing Certificate – We will cover this finals week.
  4. If you did not get full credit for Portfolio #1 you can add the following to portfolio #2 to make up missing credit. (Include a complete sentence description of each item)
    1. A word cloud using vocabulary from one of your classes.
    2. The project that you are most proud of.
    3. The project that was most challenging for you.
    4. The project that taught you the most.
    5. 3 paragraph writing reflection on this semester, this class and what you are looking forward too.

Example Collage:

Sentence Starters for Writing Sample

    • The main purpose of Photoshop in this class was…
    • My favorite thing about Photoshop is…
    • The most challenging thing in Photoshop is…
    • One tool is the ____________, it is used to ____________.
    • One project that I used Photoshop for was __________________.
    • I learned how to do __________ in Photoshop.
    • The most interesting part about Photoshop was ___________________________.
    • One thing I still want to learn in Photoshop is ______________________.
    • We used WordPress to_____________.
    • In WordPress we uploaded____________.
    • To change the theme in WordPress_________________.
    • A new post will _________________________________.
    • A new page will __________________________________.
    • To add a picture you must __________________________.
    • My favorite thing about WordPress is ___________________________.
    • I still have trouble on WordPress when _____________________________.
    • One question i still have about WordPress is_________________________.
    • The purpose of my Google Account is __________________________.
    • Gmail is a tool for _______________________________________.
    • Google Docs are used for________________________________.
    • Google forms are used for _________________________________.
    • If I click the share button I can ______________________________.
    • is a website where I can____________________.
    • is a website where I can ____________________.
    • For one 5 miunte free write, I wrote about  ______________________.