1. Assignment #19 – Pop Art and Color
    1. Create a series of digitally colored images. Your series must have a minimum of 4 individual images.
      1. You may use portraits or objects from today’s pop culture
      2. Each copy should have a different color scheme
        1. Create a New File in Photoshop
          1. Preset: U.S. Paper
            1. *Make sure the color is set to RGB Color
        2. Use google images to find an item of pop culture. (I reccomend using a black and white image).
        3. Copy and paste the image into photoshop at least 4 times (each one should be its own layer)
        4. Use the Selection Tools (Wand, Marquee, Magnetic Lasso) and Ctrl+U to recolor each layer.
          1. Hint: See what happens if you recolor the entire layer, without making a selection.
          2. You must include at least one portrait with Analogous colors and one with Complimentary Colors
    2. Post your image to WordPress as a Jpeg
      1. Caption: Explain how you used analogous or complimentary colors in your project.
        1. Example: “I used a green in the shirt and a red-orange in the face because they are very close to a complimentary color set, and I wanted them to contrast each other.”
        2. Non-Example: “I used purple, green and orange cuz those are my fave colors.”