On Friday (Nov. 18th), Police Officer Pike casually pepper-sprayed protesters in a video that quickly went viral. “The apparent absence of empathy from the police officer, applying a toxic chemical to humans as if they were garden pests, is shocking,” The Post’s Phil Kennicott wrote.
Over the weekend, Pike’s visage popped up in Photoshopped into other scenes of languid passivity, such as Edouard Manet’s “Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe” (The Luncheon on the Grass) pictured below.
Your assignment is to create your own version of this “meme” by inserting the officers image into a photo of your choosing.
  1. Make your own Pepper Spray Meme (#18)
    1. Click for Image
    2. Create a New File
    3.  “Default Photoshop Size” (5×7 72 pixels/inch RGB Color)
    4. Use the magnetic lasso and other selection tools to isloate the cop and pepper spray (It may take some time)
    5. Combine the Pepper Spray photo with an image of your choice.
    6. Post it to WordPress as a JPEG
    7. Caption: 2 parts
      1. Explain or support the fictional story that is occurring in your photo.
      2. Explain in your own words the concept of a meme.  You may use the internet for help, but cite your sources.

Grading Scale (10 points)

  • 3 pts – Image is inserted successfully into another image
  • 2 pts – Clever, Funny, or Imaginative design in your image
  • 3 pts – Caption Part 1
  • 2 pts – Caption Part 2