Assignment 17 – You have been hired by Vans to design the next line of Custom Shoes.  In order to improve their public relations, Vans wants to create a Charitable Shoe Line.  For this project you will select a charity and design a pair of stylized Vans shoes that reflect or represent that charity.  Your final project will require you to create a background or advertisement to promote your product.

  1. Part 1 – Explore the Vans Website (Wednesday) (5 pts)
    1. Find 3 examples of vans shoes that use the above mentioned elements and copy and paste images of them into this worksheet.  Upload the completed worksheet as a JPEG to a new post in WordPress titled 17. Charitable Vans
      1. It is easier to copy if you use google chrome, and right click on the image THUMBNAILS (not the full size image)
  2. Part 2 – Brainstorm (Thursday/Friday) (5pts)
    1. Prepare for customizing your own shoes by designing your own vans shoes. Click here.
    2. Use the Planning Page to Select your Charity and begin planning your design.
    3. Copy and paste your planning page into WordPress.  You may use the same post as the Design Elements Worksheet.
  3. Part 3 – Use the shoe templates provided to create your own Customized Vans shoes for the charity of your choice. (10 its)
    1. Open Photoshop
    2. Create a New File –> Preset: U.S. Paper
    3. Choose a shoe from the Template Page and insert it into your file by copying and pasting (or dragging and dropping from internet explorer)
    4. Use the magic wand or magnetic lasso to select the area of the shoe you would like to work on.
    5. Use the fill bucket, brush tools, or other images to design each selection in your shoe.  Be Creative and try to made it look realistic.  You may work entirely in one layer or use multiple layers.
    6. Press Ctrl+D whenever you want to remove the selection.
    7. Make sure to save your work often (as a Photoshop File so that you can continue to edit it)
  4. Part 4 – Create a background or advertisement for your shoes.  Save your final image as a JPEG and upload it to WordPress. (Monday/Tuesday) (5 pts)
  5. Part 5 – Be ready to promote your product by the start of class on Wednesday 11/23/2011 .  (5 pts)
Scoring Guide
5 pts – Posting Design Elements Worksheet Completed to WordPress
5 pts – Completing the Planning Page and Pasting it into WordPress
10 pts – Shoes are designed, customized, stylized and professional
5 pts – Final Product is placed on an interesting or appropriate background (non-white) or advertisement
5 pts – Final Product is uploaded to WordPress by the start of class on 11/23/2011
Photoshop templates will be available soon.
*Samples were created by Emiliy Shapiro and Alfredo Pineda from Da Vinci High School