Take a photo of your own hand.  Do some virtual surgery to give yourself 6 fingers instead of 5.

You will need to:
1. Make sure the image is in focus, without camera shake.
2. Copy one of your existing fingers, paste it into a new layer, and rotate/move it so it fits alongside the other fingers.
3. Using the clone stamp and healing brush, make a smooth transition from the 6th finger to the rest of your hand.
4. Save it as a JPEG and Post it to your wordpress site.

1. Working with selections and layers.

2. Practice with Healing Brush and Clone Stamp
3. Learning to evaluate your own work during the creative process, recognizing flaws and correcting them. Be your own best critic!

Grading rubric:
10  points.
2 – Taking the photo in focus (Not Blurry)
4 – Addition of extra finger.
4 – Detail work in making new finger blend with the rest of your hand. If I zoom in, will I be convinced this is really a part of your hand?