Part 1 Creation         (Reminder: You only need to choose one, click here to see examples of the other 2 options)


In our 9th grade English class, we are studying poetry. The words in the image are all different techniques used in writing poetry. I chose the shape of the heart because many poems are about love and the color scheme represents a coffee house, where many poets go to share their work.

Part 2) Highlighted Works

The project that I am most proud of is my identity project.  I like that I was able to combine my interests to make an image that represents me.

The project that was most difficult for me was the monopoly project.  It was tricky to create different names for all of the different squares on the game board.

The project that taught me the most was the Photoshop adjustments project.  I was able to manipulate a photo using Photoshop and alter it to create a unique and original piece of art.

Part 3) Writing Sample

The start of this year has been very exciting, but it is also very busy.  With Seniors getting ready for college application, my advisory students have been very busy working on personal statements and getting started with their senior portfolios.  In my digital arts class, we have been working to use Photoshop, WordPress and GoogleDocs to express ourselves and create new things in the world.  Outside of class I have been working to develop after-school leadership at Locke and getting our students ready for the Aids Walk and other upcoming events.  The best movie I have seen recently was HappyThankYouMorePlease and I have gotten to go bike riding at least once a week since school started.

In class I have been struggling to keep up with all of the work but I have gotten most of it posted to WordPress.  I really like working on the blog and using Photoshop to draw pictures like the Sheep Project.  Sometimes it is really hard to post my work to WordPress, but I like working in Photoshop to manipulate images.  I don’t really like the new layout of WordPress, but I think I will get used to it soon.  Typing has been going well, and I am almost at 35 words per minute.  I can’t wait to get better with Photoshop, so that we can we can touch up photos and also use it to create clothing, similar to what we did on CustomInk.

Looking forward, I am excited to explore more features on WordPress and Photoshop.  I also want to get better at typing, using my e-mail and creating posters and presentations.  My goal is to create a poster that we can use for an event, maybe a flyer for prom, or for a Service Saints activity before Christmas Break.  I am nervous about my students passing all of their classes and also getting involved in enough extra-curricular activities; so that they can complete their service hours and be competitive for college.  The only question that I have is what I am going to be for Halloween.