For this Project, you will be creating a new page on WordPress.  Pages are more permanent than posts, and are generally larger entries and provide more details.  This page will stay with you throughout the year, so we can come back and see how we have progressed through the year.  This page should reflect your best work and be a publication that you are excited to share with others to show off the great work you have been doing. Click here to see an example.

Title – Portfolio #1

  1. Creation – Choose one of the following assignments and upload your creation into the post.  You may use any resources or programs that you have access to, but you must upload your final product so that it can be viewed from within your post.  All work must be appropriate for school.
    • Use to create a wordcloud that incorporates the key terms from one of your content area classes.  In a short caption explain which class and what topic your words represent.
    • Use google docs to create a 5 questions mid-term that covers the same material you are studying in another class.  You Form should include a Title, a theme,  at least one short answer question, at least one multiple choice question and a minimum of 5 questions total.  (**Be sure that none of the boxes at the top are checked off**)
    • Using the program of your choice, create a collage that includes images and text to represent or honor any recent or upcoming event.  Include a brief description of the event.  (Ideas. Aids Walk, Death of Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson murder trial, CaHSEE exams, etc)
  2. Highlighted Works – For each item, include an image and a caption containing a minimum of 2 sentences.
    1. Insert an image of the project that you are the most proud of and explain why you chose it..
    2. Insert the project that was the most difficult for you and explain why you chose it.
    3. Insert the project that taught you the most and explain why you chose it.
  3. Reflection: 3 large paragraphs 5-7 sentences each, include at least 1 picture and 1 video from the internet to add visuals and illustrate your reflection.
    • Paragraph 1  is a personal summary of how school and life have been for you since the start of the year 10 weeks ago.  What has happened in your life? What have you accomplished? What is going well? What has been difficult?  What has been on your mind?  What are your current hobbies, interests, favorite songs, etc.
    • Paragraph 2 is a summary of your performance in this class.
    • Paragraph 3 is looking forward.  What are you looking forward to?  What are you semester goals?  What do you want to learn in the next 10 weeks of this class?