Class Vision:  To build a spirit of innovation and creativity through expression and digital arts & design that inspires others.

Todays Goal:  Understand the expectations and scope of Digital Arts (or Yearbook) and apply what you already know about computers to make a graphical representation of yourself.


  1. Welcome Letters
  2. Student Survey – Click Here
  3. Review Syllabus
  4. Identity Image Project – Assignment #1

#1 – Self-Identity Project

Using what you already know about computers, create a digital image that reflects who you are.  You may use any programs or resources as long as:

  1. Your image could be printed on a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper
  2. You are able to explain how the image is connected to who you believe you are.
  3. Your project must contain something that represents your goals or dreams.
  4. All images and content are school appropriate (would recieve a rating of PG in a movie)
Sample Projects
Our Class

While Mr. Levin explains his image, complete the form below.

Remember to follow the CHAMPS for Independent Work as we work through an example and begin working on our own project!

Don’t forget to submit your form so that Mr. Levin will be able to see your responses.

Welcome to class, Good Luck and Have Fun.