Make sure you include:

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Copy of Transcripts
  3. Copies of College Applications
  4. Letter of Intent (To UCs/CSUs)
  5. Resume
  6. 2  – Letters of Rec
    1. Remember, to get a letter of Rec from a teacher you must give them a copy of your
      1. Resume
      2. Business Letter
      3. Brag Sheet – Answer the Following Questions in a word document Be sure to be as detailed as possible.
        1. List coursework you are currently taking and plan to take for the Fall and Spring semesters of your senior year.
        2. Special talents, interests or hobbies.
        3. Describe your family life: parents, siblings; unusual trips, experiences, responsibilities or relationships to siblings, family’sgoals for you and their influence on you, special circumstances, etc.
        4. What do you regard as the important things in life?
        5. Your academic strengths.
        6. Two weaknesses you are improving.
        7. In what specific ways do you hope to contribute to your college’s activities and campus life?
        8. List four adjectives that describe you. Give an example as to why at least one of those words describes you.
        9. Describe an experience that has contributed to your intellectual development since entering high school.  (For example, acourse that stimulated you, a book that influenced your thinking, or a meaningful activity
        10.  Are you a first generation college student (your parents did not graduate from a college in the U.S.)?
        11.  Which extra-curricular activities have you found to be the most meaningful? Why?
        12. Please include any information that tells more about you and/or anything that makes you unique.