1. Project #35 – Bridget Riley – Metamorphosis – Click to see the process

    1. You will need this file.
    2. Select the 2 dots with the Rectangular Marquee tool and choose Edit –> Define Pattern
    3. Create a New Layer, Fill with White using the Paint Bucket
    4. Go to Layer–> Style–> Pattern Overlay
    5. To make the Pattern layer editable, Create a merged copy by pressing CTRL+Alt+Shift+E
    6. Duplicate this layer, and hide the original (We will need it later)
    7. Filter –> Distort–>Spherize  [Horizontal Only]
      1. ***You may stop here and repeat the process using different images and different distort filters until you have a total of 3 projects created.
    8. Use Ctrl+T and scale from the sides to make the dots in the center appear circular.
    9. Select half of the layer, Right Click and click Layer via Cut.
    10. Show the original layer and use the Move Tool to rearrange the layers so that they all line up.
    11. Fade the corners by using a large eraser with the hardness set to 0.
  2. Now, use the same process to try to create a piece similar to Movement in Squares.  Post both to WordPress with an explanation of what Op Art is. [Title: Op Art in the Style of Bridget Riley]