Assignment 34: Liquify round 2:

  1. Follow this tutorial:
    1. Liquify Part 2 Tutorial
    2. Note: We use WordPress instead of Dreamweaver for posting up our assignments.
  2. You must save/copy each of the starting images and get them into Photoshop, or you may use your own images, as long as you have all 8 styles.
  3. Then use the different features of the liquify filter as directed.
  4. When finished, post all 8 pictures into WordPress (as a gallery) with an explanation of how and when you would want to use the Liquify tool.  (1 sentence explaining how to use the liquify tool, 1 sentence explanation of why you would use it).
    1. To Create the Gallery  – Upload all of the image files into WordPress, then click “SAVE ALL CHANGES” the Gallery Tab should appear at the top, make sure that all 8 images appear once and then click “Insert Gallery”
  5. Adapted From:
Photos for each project:
1) Warp the hair!
2) Twist the Pattern

3) Reflect the Trees

4) Make the text sizzle

5) Create a Bug Pattern

6.  Create a Fluid (Curvy) Pattern from a Hard-Edged (straight) one.

7. “Bloat” the Claws and “Pucker” the mouth

8. Add a surrealist touch