Task: Beginning with a photo of yourself (or a photo of another person that you took), draw on top of it using only the pen tool to create a self-portrait using shape layers.

You will need to:
1. Think about drawing highlights and shadows (instead of drawing “a nose” or “a mouth”).
2. Use the eye dropper to match colors.
3. Don’t use the brush tool, pencil tool or eraser. ONLY use the pen tool for this assignment.
4. Turn off the layer with the photo before saving the file for the web.

More practice in using the pen tool and creating vector graphics.

Grading rubric:
10 points. This assignment is worth a fair amount of points, so spend some time with it.
breakdown of points:

  • 2 points for generally getting the concept, figuring out how to use the eye dropper and pen tool.
  • 2 points for filling in the entire page (no photo showing, no cracks in color showing).
  • 6 points for the amount of detail included. People who included a lot of detail will get higher grades than those who used just a few shapes for their face.