Creating iPod Advertising Art

(iPodHowTo.pdf)  (Click for File)

Your assignment is to create two iPod arts.  One using MLK, and one using any other successful leader that you desire.

Click here for Start File  (Click Save then Open)

Step 1:  Separate your image from the background using the Magnetic Lasso (then Select Inverse and click Delete)

Step 2: Press Control+U to edit the Hue and turn the Lightness all the way down [-100], this should turn the image into a black silhouette.

Step 3: Create the iPod by creating a New Layer.  Use the Shapes (Rounded Rectangle and Ellipse) tool todraw the components of the iPod.  Make sure to select the colors appropriately (White and Gray)

Step 4: Highlight all of the layers used in the iPod,   Press Ctrl+E to merge the layers into one.  Then use Ctrl+T to arrange the iPod into the desired position. You may need to erase part of the iPod to blend it with the image or use CTRL, ALT or warp tools.

Step 5: Fill in the background with a solid color, we can go back and change this later.

Step 6:  Draw in the headphones Create another new layer and draw the headphones with a hard brush set to white.

Step 7: Create the shadow by duplicating the silhouette layer and use Free Transform (Ctrl+t) while holding alt and/or ctrl to compress and flatten it.  Then lower the opacity to 50% on the layer menu.

Step 8: Finalize your background as desired then post to WordPress.